A Brief History

Compiled by Harry James FRICS FAPM
from The 1947 Club by W Wallace 14th April 2002

  • First formal meeting 14th April 1955 in the library of the Property Mart in Old Eldon Square.
  • Prior to the first formal meeting, informal 'get together's were usually held in the Tiger Pub (down an alley on the west side of Pilgrim Street).
  • Stuart Sisterson of Storey Sons & Parker was the main instigator to create a club "that would be a bridge between the Junior Organisation and the Senior Branch".
  • The club was similar to the 1913 Club to perpetuate the contacts and friendships of the National JO Committee.
  • The 1913 Club was founded to deal with disruption of professional lives by World War 1 and The 1947 Club was founded to deal with similar issues caused by World War 2.
  • The RICS had extended the age limit for JO membership as a wartime measure to 40 and in 1947 the age limit was reduced to 33.The men of the 1947 group now no longer JO members, hence the name.
  • Those who had sat on the committee of the Junior Organisation of The Northumberland and Durham Branch of the RICS were invited to join The 1947 Club.


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